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Collector launches Aadhaar in Trichy

TNN Dec 6, 2011, 02.52AM IST
TRICHY: District collector Jayashree Muralidharan on Monday applied for her Aadhaar card on the occasion of the official inauguration of the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) database in Trichy district. Postmaster general, Central Region, Bahadur Singh accepted her application on behalf of UIDAI.
However, Singh said 20% of Aadhaar cards had already been issued in the region through nationalised banks. At present, there are only two machines in the Central Post Office of Trichy that accept about 60 applications a day. The UIDAI would inaugurate the programme in Thanjavur and Pudukottai on December 7, and it would be taken to Perambalur and Tiruvarur on December 12. Nagapattinam would see the inauguration of the programme on December 10

Complete Detail Information about Aadhaar Indian Nationality Card in Tamilnadu

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This article will provide you with latest information about Introduction and documentation related to a new scheme of Nationality Id Card named Aadhaar Nationality Card to the people of Tamil Nadu. The government has very recently launched the scheme which is being offered at free of cost with various documentation proof. Read more to get to know with detail information about it.

About Aadhaar Nationality Card

The Tamil Nadu Government has introduced a new scheme called Aaadhar Nationality Card and the government has decided to make this card more vital to an individual to carry out various application activities like Gas connectionTelephone connection and many more. Nowadays in every parts of one's life the Identity proof has become mandatory in all ways and even though Passport are being considered as Identity proof we could able to witness that all people don't hold passport as this type of service requires money. In order to get rid of this and make all people of the society benefited with equal service and Identity proof the Government has come up with Introduction of Aadhar Nationality Card and this can used in all places as an Identity proof and moreover the service towards this card is being offered for free with few documentation procedures and can be enrolled anywhere in India irrespective of Residence.

Advantages of Aadhaar National Card

AadhaarWith the introduction of Aadhaar Nationality Card there would be a clear Proof of Identity for an Individual and there would not be any Discrepancies between rich and poor as it is being introduced for the benefits of all sorts of people in spite of their caste, creed and language. More over with this card an Individual get an opportunity to enjoy all sorts of services provided by the government and private sectors. Moreover this card can be used to get any sort of activities like Gas connection, Internet, Telephone connection and many more being used in daily life activities. The Exclusive and special benefit of this card is it can be easily carried out in a pocket or purse to required place anywhere in India as its size is equal to a debit/credit card.

Aadhaar History and How to get with Aadhaar Nationality Card in Tamilnadu

To start up with the scheme the Implementation of Aadhaar Nationality Card was at first started on 27/10/2011 at Anna Salai Head Post Office. The Individual are requested to fill in the required application and once it's done the office members will get the impression of all your ten fingers with photo of Iris from an individual and later take a photo and provide you with a temporary Id. After completion of the above procedure an Individual will receive his original card within 30- 60 days. Moreover the government has given flexibility to an individual to know the status of his card through online using his temporary Id. A new Aadhaar bank account or our existing bank account details are being linked with this card and so the concern department said this card will be given an equal importance as passport.

The government have decided to startup it next stage of service from November 1st 2011 at Mylapore, T.Nagar and Park Post office and also decided to start up with this service from November 21st to 31 districts of Tamil Nadu.

Steps involved in Enrollment of Aadhar Nationality Card in Tamilnadu

  1. The Individuals are requested to carry the entire required document proof and visit the nearest Campaign centres.
  2. Next the individuals are requested to move to the respective Enrollment officer.
  3. The Enrollment officer will collect all the required documents and undergo the process of verification.
  4. After the verification of documents the Enrollment officers inputs all the required information of an individual into the system.
  5. Next the Individual are given with an opportunity for validating the documents entered into the system.
  6. After the confirmation from an Individual the officer captures the Face photograph of an Individual through the webcam available.
  7. Next the Iris of an Individual with Finger prints of both Left and Right Hand along with the Thumb impression of an individual is being captured.
  8. Finally to close the application of an Individual the Enrollment officer log off using his own finger print and issue with an acknowledgement with temporary Id and then an Individual can receive his application by post within the specified allotted time period.

Detail Information about Aadhaar Nationality Card

There may be a number of Identity proofs like Racen CardPass portVoter IdBank Pass Book but it cannot be used in all places. More over if you note it each passport consists of Fathers name and other cards will be provided with an Initial to our name and we could be able to see few women's changing their initial after their marriage and it mayn't be possible to explain about this to the respective offices every time and in order to provide a permanent solution to this issue the Aadhaar Nationality Card has been introduced and it can be used in any places.

The Aadhaar Nationality card consists of a chip with two separate sections and each section has different functionality. From one section of the chip the required input information's can be read any number of times but it doesn't support with the facility of modification. In another section of the chip birth details, Identification marks any many more permanent information's can be known and updates can been made to it then and there according to the situation.

Several questions regarding Privacy of Personal information's exists in the mind of the customer. Hence the required official said Post office only would be the right place to keep the personal information of an individual more private with various restrictions towards its accessibility features. Moreover in villages and rural areas it would be difficult for an individual to get with residential proof in such situation this would be definitely a benefit and the department are taking several steps to issue the card at the earliest in all centers.

Instructions in filling Aadhaar application form

There are different types of Aadhaar forms and it differs based on the area and language. Here are some tips in filling out an Aadhaar application form.
Aadhaar Card1. The application consists of 11 columns.
2. Use only Capital Letters to fill the forms.
3. The user has rights to tick his required items like Father, Mother, Husband or Guardian after inserting the applicant name.
4. The Date of Birth should be in the format of Day/Month/Year with age.
5. Tick the appropriate Gender and input the application with complete current residing address.
6. Additional information like Phone, Mobile and Email can be given if interested.
7. The user has the flexibility to create a new Aadhaar account or link his existing bank account with complete account number.
8. The user after the completion of forms are requested to check the spellings of all input data's.

Eligibility Criteria for Aadhaar Card

An Individual who is the resident of India and who have undergone the verification process from the respective Aadhaar department are eligible to receive the card. There are no restrictions in age towards getting an Aadhaar card and for the children below 3 years will be linked to guardian or parent account and for the children of age group 5 to 15 will also be taken into same consideration but there should be a re registration for an Individual at the age of 15 years.

List of Documents supported for Aadhaar Nationality Card

In order to get with an Aadhaar Nationality Card a number of Documents proof indicating identity and address proof are being supported and I have highlighted the list of documents required and any of the following documents can be submitted to get with the card.

Supported Date of Birth Documents
1.Birth Certificate
2.SSLC Book/Certificate
4.Certificate of Date of Birth issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead

List of Startup Post Offices supporting Aadhaar Facility in Tamilnadu

The below information will give you with various list of Post Offices in Tamil Nadu supporting the process of Aadhaar Nationality Card.

1.Chennai: Kanchipuram - 044 - 27555734 and 044 - 2722901 (AO Office)
Tiruvallur - 044 - 27660233 and 044 - 2722290 (AO Office)
Park Town – 044 – 25340704 and 044 -282773231 / 28273637(AO Office)
T.Nagar – 044 – 24346691 and 044 – 24346980(AO Office)
Mylapore – 044 – 24642805 and 044 – 24346980(AO Office)
Mount Road – 044 – 28521947 and 044 – 28521947(AO Office)
Chennai GPO – 044 -25212549 and 044 – 25212549(AO Office)
2. Villupuram - 04146 – 223717 and 0413 – 2337017(AO Office)
3. Tiruvannamalai – 04175 – 253041 and 04175 – 253067(AO Office)
4. Vellore – 0416 – 2223908 / 2221729 and 0416 – 2220350(AO Office)
5. Pondicherry – 0413 – 2336532 and 0413 – 2337017(AO Office)

Helplines of Aadhaar Indian Nationality Card in Tamilnadu

The below provided are some important information that are to be noted for communication with the respective departments regarding Aadhaar Nationality Card.

Aadhaar – Helpline: 1800-180-1947 (Toll Free)

For information on Aadhaar Enrollment process - contact:
Chennai: 044- 42056692

Youn can contact to
Assistant Director (BD & Tech),
O/o The Post Master General,
Chennai City Region,
Tamil Nadu Circle,
Chennai – 600 002

Tel:044 – 28594145 /28521444 Extn: 323 044 – 285947671 Extn: 330
Fax:044 – 285226077
Customer Care Number:044 – 28594745/28521444 Extn:323/044–28594761 Extn :330

Hope the above information might be useful to any individual seeking to apply for Aadhaar Nationality Card. My personal opinion is to make use of these features at right time when they are available in your residential area and also the government has decided to deliver pamphlets to every door on their delivery of letters and also promote it with special campaigns and recently we would be able to witness increase in number of foot falls in respective offices. More over this scheme is carried out through easy steps with free of costs and going bring up a twist related to an Individual Identity in future

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