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What Acidophilus Does
By Don Raall
A remarkable number of nutritionally knowledgeable individuals have no idea what
acidophilus is or what it can do for them health wise. Few realize that acidophilus keeps
the intestines clean, eliminates bad breath and flatulence, improves the complexion and
reverses the intestinal damage caused by antibiotic treatment. Many doctors prescribe
acidophilus in conjunction with oral antibiotic treatment because antibiotics destroy the
friendly intestinal flora, causing an overgrowth of the fungus
fungus can grow in the intestines, vagina, lungs, mouth (thrush), on the fingers, or under
the fingernails or toenails. It usually disappears after a few days of large amounts of
Lactobacillus acidophilus oracidophilus, as it is clinically known, is much stronger than
yogurt (though it
“acidophilus culture,” incubated in either soy, milk, or yeast bases. Vitamin K and all the
B vitamins are synthesized by acidophilus milk (now available in most health food
stores) or, in far greater concentration, from pure acidophilus culture.
If acidophilus is taken on a daily basis, the entire bacteria population of the intestine
(which make up 80 percent of the solid material of the stools) become lactic acid
organisms which destroy the gas-forming and disease and odor-producing bacteria. The
desirable (“friendly”) bacteria live
days unless milk in some form or milk sugar is supplied to them.
Monilia abricans. Theis present in yogurt). It is available (In health food stores) asonly on milk sugar (lactose) and can die within five
When given a continuous supply of food, the lactic-acid bacteria may grow for weeks
(or even months) after acidophilus has been discontinued. Persons who are planning to
go on vacation can insure themselves against intestinal upsets (so common when one
drinks different water and ingests exotic foods) by taking acidophilus for several weeks
before they leave home.
Lactose, complex carbohydrates, pectin, vitamin C and roughage encourage additional
growth of friendly intestinal bacteria. But friendly bacteria can die within five days
unless continuously supplied with some form of lactic acid or lactose. Antibiotics are
often prescribed for acne or other skin problems. But acidophilus Is usually highly
effective against skin conditions. Check with your doctor (or dermatologist) in regard to
a program of acidophilus culture twice a day.
Doctor Phillip Evans, an advocate of orthomolecular nutrition, believes that the regular
consumption of acidophilus culture (in some form) is vastly more important than most
nutritionists imagine. Doctor Evans who runs a health clinic in Colorado (and who has
written a well-received book on
that the basis for good health resides in the condition of one’s intestinal flora.
“I practice good nutrition myself and I advocate good nutrition. I am 100 percent
convinced that most individuals feel stress, anxiety and are prone to all sorts of ailments
due to a nutritional imbalance. But I am also convinced that even the best diet-one
composed of all the necessary vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, etc.-will not
benefit an individual nearly as much if his intestinal flora is deficient in friendly bacteria.
I have personally observed over 500 cases where individuals with bad complexions, bad
breath, excessive body odor, constipation, vitamin B-complex deficiencies, bloating, gas,
ulcers, fatigue, red eyes and host of other chronic disorders have accomplished seeming
miracles by simply adding acidophilus culture to their daily diets. The exterior of the
body in particular reflects the condition of ones intestinal condition. Lack-lustre eyes,
poor skin, dull hair, excessive wrinkles, etc.; are all subtle signs that one’s intestinal flora
are signs that one’s intestinal flora are begging for the backing of friendly bacteria. Once
internal putrefaction is corrected the entire exterior of the body virtually glows with good
health. And when you have established sufficient friendly intestinal bacteria, a small
daily serving of yogurt will usually provide enough acidophilus to keep you glowing.”
The Biochemical Basis For Disease and Disorders) feels
It is putrefaction (the decomposing of organic matter by
intestines, which often causes bad breath; this sort of “mouth odor” is in reality intestinal
odor and it is totally resistant to mouthwash or breath-spray. This condition is usually
accompanied by foul-smelling flatulence (an accumulation of gas); an intensive course of
acidophilus culture usually reverses this problem.
Doctor James Carmeli, Ph. D., formerly a pharmacologist with a large drug company,
stresses that “faulty elimination can best be permanently and healthfully relieved through
the faithful ingestion of acidophilus culture.” Dr. Carmeli adds:
“The middle-aged and elderly in particular should be encouraged to regularly take
acidophilus in some form due to their comparative inactivity and a greater tendency to
develop at least semi-chronic constipation. Diverticulosis (stagnant food or fecal matter
in the colon and intestines) is common in the elderly and can be completely and
permanently relieved by the regular use of acidophilus culture. Not only the middle-aged
or elderly can benefit from acidophilus, however. Babies and young children who were
give acidophilus will unquestionably maintain a higher degree of health throughout
childhood and for the rest of their lives (providing friendly bacteria are established and
maintained with acidophilus or yogurt). Acidophilus is one of the best health insurance
policies anyone can invest in.”
unfriendly bacteria) in the
“….a small daily serving of yogurt…”
Calcium deficiencies (which are extremely prevalent) can be swiftly relieved by using
acidophilus milk or yogurt. The calcium in yogurt and acidophilus milk is already
dissolved; hence it is more readily absorbed than in fresh milk; and many persons,
particularly elderly ones, tolerate cultured milks better than fresh.
Gout also responds miraculously to acidophilus (milk, yogurt, or acidophilus culture).
Beauticians and cosmeticians the world over are beginning to realize the enormous value
of regularly using the acidophilus culture to clear and beautify the skin. Nutritionists,
however, who should be even more lavish in their praise for this “internal housecleaning”
component, have had surprisingly little to say about AC-perhaps because the culture is in
yogurt and is taken for granted. But acidophilus culture (in either powder, liquid or tablet
form) is
establishing a veritable army of friendly bacteria in the intestines. Anyone at any age will
find acidophilus culture to be a sort of foundation or basis for building better health;
when the intestinal flora are sufficient, all the rest of your vitamins, minerals, food
supplements and good nutrition will be working in a more favorable environment to do
their part in
much stronger than yogurt and therefore vastly more effective for rapidlyguaranteeing you buoyant health.
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JULY 1983
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